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Jubilee Playlist for Patriotic Pubs

In honour of the upcoming Platinum Jubilee, Soundnet has created a free special Venue Favourite update with songs that celebrate the Queen’s long-standing reign of 70 years. The tracks include patriotic British songs, celebratory songs​,​ and hits from 1952, the year of the Queen’s accession to the throne. These include: Royal Choral Society – ‘God…


Ed and Shoulders Above the Rest

Soundnet and TouchTunes have released their combined music play charts for 2021 and it appears that brand new releases combined with a strong back catalogue are best when it comes to the UK pub-goers music tastes. Only Ed Sheeran strikes a current note, sitting at the top of the charts with his single ‘Bad Habits’…


Jukebox hits of 2015

Soundnet, the UK’s leading supplier of music to jukeboxes and background music systems has released its annual charts of most-played tracks across its installed estate of pubs, bars and clubs.

Soundnet exclusively supplies music to Sound Leisure jukeboxes. It is also the only music provider licensed by The Official Charts Company to use the singles and album charts on jukeboxes and its soundjack app, which allows customers to choose tracks using their smart phone.


New Music Fridays – great news for Soundnet & Sound Leisure customers

Soundnet, the number one supplier of music to the UK’s jukeboxes, is realigning with the global music industry to make their service more exciting than ever for music fans. The global music industry is uniting behind “New Music Fridays” from July 10th 2015, a new coordinated release day for music around the world – and,…


Soundnet charts reveal pub favourites – new and old

Soundnet has released its charts revealing the most-played artists, tracks and genres, on digital jukeboxes this year. Once again, there is an eclectic mix of old and new in the charts, reflecting the varied tastes of the pub-going public. While chart hits still dominate – with Ed Sheeran surprisingly hitting the top spot in most-played artists…


Why a teenage dream’s so hard to beat

Why does the music we listened to as teenagers still sound better than anything we have encountered since then? That was the question asked by Mark Joseph Stern a writer for Slate Magazine in a recent, excellent article. The answer is not simply nostalgia – or even that we have become less tolerant of new…


Hats off to Pharrell – he’s had quite a year

Pharell Williams has finally lost his top spot on the Soundnet charts, where he has remained for an amazing 16 weeks with his track ‘Happy’. During the past four months, he has headed off challenges for the top of the Soundnet chart from other artists who reached number one in the Official Chart Company listings,…


The forgotten tracks

This week a new online music service was launched that only plays songs that nobody has listened to on Spotify. Apparently there are around 4 million tracks available on Spotify that have never ever been listened to. The aim of the new service, called Forgotify is to bring these tracks to the listeners’ attention. Users…


Jukebox hits of 2013

Every year, we compile three charts of most played tracks, artists and classic tracks. These charts create an interesting picture of the music people pay to listen to while out in pubs and clubs.  As expected, chart hits are dominant on this year’s Most Played Tracks Chart, which is broadly in line with the top-selling…


Happy new year!

As we link arms to sing Auld Lang Syne – many of us will be thinking of ways to improve our lives in 2014. According to research, the top 5 New Year’s Resolutions are: 1. To lose weight 2. To quit smoking 3. To do more exercise 4. To get a new job 5. To…