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EAG sees soundjack reach new Milestones

Last year Soundnet unveiled its innovative soundjack app, which allows users to choose and pay for music using their smart phone. At this year’s EAG, Soundnet announced that soundjack will now be available on the Milestones in Music jukebox platform, as well as unveiling the new background music tablet system which is also soundjack enabled.

“It will take a couple of years before soundjack is fully embedded to the extent that we see in the US with our parent company TouchTunes’ app,” comments Soundnet’s James Luck. “Over Christmas, figures from the US showed that nearly 20% of all jukebox revenue was generated through the app. If it works over there, it will work over here, one of the most important challenge to overcome will be ensuring that jukeboxes are connected online, so that customers can use soundjack.”

There are more Milestones in Music digital jukeboxes in the UK market than any other brand – currently over 5,000 on site. While many do have an online connection, others still rely on updates via disk. “We want to encourage operators to move their jukeboxes online, not only to access soundjack, but also to benefit from automatic music updates, OpWeb – the remote management system and Quick Support, which allows Sound Leisure engineers to run diagnostics and repairs where possible, remotely,” says Toby Hoyte.

“Another advantage of soundjack on the Milestones in Music jukebox is that it allows those using the app to choose from the full library of five million tracks rather than the 30,000 that are held locally on the hard drive,” he adds.

The sounjack enabled background music system was also shown for the first time at EAG this year. Operators simply purchase a tablet from Soundnet at a cost of £200 and then sign up to a music contract starting from £35 a month in order to receive updates of fully profiled music tracks. The soundjack app allows customers within the venue to choose the background music from their phone or even – on certain contracts – to pay for them as well.

“We received a lot of interest from operators in this system during the show. They liked the tablet interface, which is convenient and space efficient. They also appreciated that it had soundjack, which makes it unique in the market. We envisage this product will take operators into new sectors, such as retail, gyms and hairdressing salons,” says James Luck.

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