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Soundnet delighted to see AIM Awards return to support independent artists

As self-confessed music obsessives, the Soundnet team were incredibly pleased to hear that the AIM Music Awards will return for a third year, paying tribute to the most talented independent artists in the business today.

Soundnet firmly believe in the importance of events like the AIMs to help unsigned artists gain vital recognition; just imagine where music would be if influential artists like The Beatles or Elvis had never been discovered.

High profile awards ceremonies are hardly the only way to raise awareness for promising independent musicians though. Soundnet are also working to use our position as the UK’s leading jukebox operator to support both landlords and local musical artists.

Through our specialist Venue Favourites service, Soundnet invites pub or bar owners to make their own specific requests to add to the VenueHub jukebox’s already extensive library of over 30,000 tracks. This serves as a great way for landlords to showcase up-and-coming artists from the local area, and can help them earn a significant rise in jukebox takings as the artists’ friends and families select their tracks.

Holding live music nights featuring these independent musicians within the pub or bar can then extend this fan-base further, benefiting both the artist and the venue as new crowds are drawn in.

Many landlords might presume that a jukebox competes with live music, but in fact the opposite is true. Soundnet’s jukeboxes can be programmed to keep crowds entertained during intervals or while events are being set up, preventing a lull in the ambiance. More importantly, the jukebox’s touchscreen display serves as a perfect medium for advertising a calendar of upcoming events and providing preview tracks from the artists involved.

Used together, these strategies enable a pub to establish itself as the hub of local music, creating a sense of community that sets it apart from the competition.

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