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Background music earworm

Here at Soundnet, we’re constantly researching into the ways we can provide clients with a more engaging service; how background music systems can deliver a more entertaining experience for the clientele who frequent our customer’s venues. A large proportion of this task is keeping abreast of the latest consumer trends, particularly focusing on how music can influence purchasing behaviour and customer psychology.

So, it was with some interest that we came across this piece from NME; an article which investigated the different factors that contributed to a background music song being trapped in the space between the ears. The piece focuses on the various reasons why a track gets stuck in someone’s memory, quoting from a piece of innovative research by Dr. Vicky Williamson, a psychologist and memory expert at Goldsmith’s College in London.

The article describes a range of explanations behind an ‘earworm’, ranging from prolonged exposure to a certain track, stress, involuntary memory recollection and evolution. Speaking to NME, Dr. Williamson commented:

“Music is multi-sensory stimulus. It’s connected to personal memories. Emotional states. There can be a tactile representation, music can be associated with lots of things. It’s emotional and personal. And music has a special way of embedding itself deeply in your memory.

So you remember the melody of a song you heard 40 years ago, but you can’t remember the name of someone you met last week.”

Indeed, music can affect people differently; evoking memories, rekindling feelings and producing memories in a variety of different was. At Soundnet, we’re delighted with our reputation for providing our background music system customers with a constantly changing set of tracks and artists, varying from the latest releases to a range of classic hits and we’re proud that our background music packages for pubs and restaurants offer such a huge variety of music, regardless of the customer.

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