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Background music helps improve morale

Background music in restaurants, bars, shops and hotels can help to increase staff and customer morale according to a new study from music licensing organisation PPL and PRS for Music.

The study discovered that 81 per cent of retail businesses said that playing music in the workplace helped improve staff efficiency, while simultaneously creating a better atmosphere for customers.

The study, which investigated the background music policy of 1,088 small and medium enterprise owners, discovered that 71 per cent of employers found that the presence of background music made employees more productive. Meanwhile, over half of those companies surveyed in the survey felt music also increased sales and results for the organisation in question. The study also discovered that 86 per cent of businesses felt a background music system could help avoid tension and awkward silences for staff and consumers alike.

Speaking about the survey, Christine Geissmar, director of operations at PPL, commented:

“We know that playing music has huge benefits and we are keen for as many business owners as possible to understand how cost effective and beneficial playing music can be. We are encouraging businesses to find out more about how they can enjoy the benefits of music while being legally compliant.”

The study highlights the importance of a background music system in the workplace, although the research can also be applied to those businesses in the entertainment and service industry. Background music in a pub, restaurant and hotel shapes an atmosphere; using an instore soundtrack can create the perfect ambiance for the venue in question and it has the ability to create a better atmosphere for customers and staff alike.

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