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Background music helps to soothe the soul

New research from Oxford has found that music helps reduce anxiety and improves the healing process. The investigation from Dr Apul Parikh, a cosmetic surgeon at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford, claims that music played to patients undergoing minor treatments helped ‘improve anxiety levels’. The trial of 100 individuals discovered that those patients played music under local anaesthetic had significantly lower levels of anxiety during the procedure.

But, even in the operating room, it was discovered that patients reacted differently to a variety of musical genres; while classical music was the favourite style of those about to go under the knife, easy-listening classics like Frank Sinatra were also very popular.The study should be interesting for those pub or restaurant owners with a background music system. Firstly, it’s a well-known fact that music helps to relax people. A study in 2011 discovered that music slowed down breathing, reduced blood pressure and lowered the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Secondly, the study from the John Radcliffe Hospital also tells us that different genres of music affect individuals in different ways. While an upbeat selection of rock tracks might be perfect for a pub background music system, songs from the Kings of Leon or Kaiser Chiefs would not be suitable for the clientele of an upmarket Italian restaurant.

Music plays an incredibly important role in setting the atmosphere of a pub or restaurant. Background music systems have the power to influence the mood of consumers, creating an ambience ideally suited to a meal or drink.

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