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Background music increases customer purchases

Background music can encourage customers to spend more time shopping, according to a number of leading psychologists.

In an article published by American news network NBC, a variety of US psychologists discussed the role of music in consumer shopping behaviour, arguing that a bit of background sound is music to the ears of retailers hoping to increase sales.

“In department stores, shoppers who are exposed to music shop 18 per cent longer and make 17 per cent more purchases than (in) non-music stores,” states Kurt Mortensen, a US author who has penned a number of books relating to subconscious purchasing behaviour.

Here at Soundnet, we’re constantly aware of the power of background music and how different songs can shape a customer’s experience or purchasing habits. A good tune has the power to influence emotions – for better and worse – and organisations need to be aware that background music can completely change how customers perceive a shopping or dining experience.

But don’t take our word for it.

Speaking to NBC, Seth Rabinowitz, a partner at a Los Angeles consultancy firm, argues that a range of music can influence shoppers.

“Faster-pace music would logically tend to promote more impulsive purchases, while slower music fosters a more contemplative, planned, stay-a-while feeling.”

Mortensen, who we mentioned earlier, agrees with the sentiment.

“There are even rhythms, pitches and styles of music that are best for different shoppers,” he states.

“Grocery shoppers respond best to slow tempos. Fast-food restaurants need a higher number of beats per minute.”

So there you have it. You can turn your attention here if you’d like to marvel at our fantastic range of background music playlists.

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