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Background music systems for an increasingly diverse market

The rising popularity of cocktails across the country means that the spirits category is now worth £5 billion in pubs and clubs and £4 billion in hotels and restaurants. The growing cocktail consumption in the UK has been attributed to a growing shift in consumer behaviours, as well as an increasingly diverse market.

Here at Soundnet, we’re aware that the on-trade market is becoming more assorted and our background music systems for pubs and clubs are designed to reflect this increasing polarisation; offering restaurants and bars the opportunity to play tracks specifically suited to their demographic. The below video highlights how our background music systems work:

The Soundnet background music system is easy installed to existing PC hardware and offers bar and pub owners the ability to manage a soundtrack tailored for their audience. The team here work tirelessly to research and compile a playlist which is designed to appeal to your demographic, whether they’re glamour girls on a night out or couples looking for a romantic evening in their favourite restaurant. The system features all the latest music releases and initial instillation is completely free.

Find more about our background music systems for pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels, here.

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