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Britain’s toughest pub to benefit from background music system?

A pub in Greater Manchester, more commonly known as “Britain’s toughest pub”, is on the market after the owners took the decision to close the venue. The pub, The Flying Shuttle in Bolton, gained its hard reputation after reports from local police regarding ‘regular excessive drunkenness’. In a testament to the reputation of the outlet, regulars set fire to the pub in protest against the venue’s closure. A new owner has yet to be found.

The challenge facing the new landlord of The Flying Shuttle will be great. Indeed, turning around the venue’s reputation will be an intimidating task and any owner will have trouble convincing customers that the pub’s darkest days are behind it.

But, it’s often not difficult to transform the atmosphere of a venue. A bar or pub background music system can easily alter the ambiance of even the roughest of outlets.

The effects of music on human behaviour and psychology have been well-documented; the background music in a bar, pub or restaurant has the ability to dramatically influence the mood of the clientele, drastically changing the tone and atmosphere of a pub to suit the desired atmosphere.

That’s why, at Soundnet, we offer a variety of background music packages designed to appeal to a specific demographic. We tailor our background music solutions to suit a range of audiences and venues, ranging from luxurious, high-end restaurants to salt-of-the-earth pubs. Perhaps the new owner of The Flying Shuttle would like to give us a call in the future.

To find more information regarding our background music packages, please get in touch with the team at Soundnet.

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