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Customers call for better music discovery services from online streaming sites

Spotify has added a new Browse feature to its service, as music fans look for more convenient ways to uncover new favourite artists and tracks.

Amidst criticism that music streaming services offer little beyond search box functionality, market leader Spotify has come forth to offer customers a more intuitive way to browse its expansive track library. ‘Browse’ offers a specially selected series of playlists for users to explore, curated by Spotify users and staff alike and grouped by either genre, mood or context. As Spotify’s Vice President of Product Development, Charlie Hellman, explained to the Guardian;

“They have a whole bunch of music experts, and they comb through the vast array of playlists and pick out the ones that are resonating with users, and if they see a gap, they also create their own.”

The new service underlines the value of tools to guide music fans looking to find new tracks to suit their tastes, given the endless variety of music now available online. Beyond the home, the same is also true of digital jukeboxes in venues throughout the country, with the latest VenueHub model offering access to over 7 million online tracks.

Thankfully for customers though, the VenueHub also offers an array of special features to help customers narrow down this extensive track library. The model’s intuitive search system allows users a number of different options for browsing, from artist and album searches to a date search feature showing the top 40 chart for any given date.

Beyond this, Last.FM app integration means jukebox users can import their Last FM profiles from home to access a pre-loaded library of their favourite tracks in the local pub or bar. Taking music discovery a step further still, the VenueHub’s Music Spider feature creates a simple way for fans to expand their musical horizons. Searching for a certain band or singer will return a visual display of similar artists for the user to explore, providing a convenient way to create a playlist of new tracks corresponding to their musical preferences.

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