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Customers drawn to community pubs with a ‘great atmosphere’

A new piece of research has found that a third of Britons think it is important to have a pub close to their home, believing a vibrant local is a sign of a close-knit community. The findings, taken from an investigation by market research company Mintel, discovered that 33 per cent of the United Kingdom believes that it’s essential to have a good pub nearby, even if they choose not to visit it on a regular basis.

Speaking about the research, a representative from Mintel commented:

“It is almost as if a pub is a bit of a status symbol for a community, even if they don’t use it much they want to know that they have the option to do so if they wish.”

The investigation, which was featured in The Sunday Telegraph, also discovered that twice as many people find it more enjoyable drinking in a pub, compared to drinking at home. This finding was attributed to the vibrant atmosphere and community spirit of a pub.

Here at Soundnet, we’ve always been confident that a good atmosphere is an integral part of the customer’s experience. Our pub background music systems have helped contribute to the ambiance of some of the UK’s greatest pubs, giving landlords the opportunity to create an atmosphere which is tailored towards their audience. The report from Mintel confirms our belief that consumers value their local pub because it provides them with a welcoming and relaxing environment in which to enjoy themselves.

But, it’s not just pubs that can benefit from a particular atmosphere; our background music systems have been used in restaurants, bars, spas and hotels, each one tailored to suit the particular clientele of the venue in question.

Contact one of the Soundnet team today to discover more about our background music systems and the benefits they can bring to your business.

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