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Ditching the DJ as VenueHub digital jukebox is a hit for Sittingbourne Sports Bar

Having recently upgraded to the VenueHub digital jukebox model, Sittingbourne Sports Bar manager Kris Forshaw is so pleased with the new addition to his bar that he’s decided to forego booking a weekend DJ completely.

V-Hub-AV-Sept-2012-03 Kris was impressed by the model’s video function, a feature which allows customers to select an impressive range of music videos. Indeed, the music video element of the Sittingbourne jukebox now accounts for 90 per cent of the venue’s jukebox selections. The VenueHub digital jukebox also offers every top 10 video since 1980. This is in addition to over seven million tracks already available on the machine.

Kris enthuses in a recent article in Coin-Op Community:

“Customers are always selecting the latest titles.”

The sports bar manager has also come up with an innovative way of creating even more of a crowd around the new jukebox, using the VHub’s customisable features. Drawing on the success of the bar’s popular event nights, Kris decided to add photos of the evening to the jukebox so customers come back another day to see if they’ve been caught on camera.

This clever tactic is clearly working, as the Sittingbourne bar has seen takings increase by around 80 per cent since Kent-based Automatic Machine Services installed the VHub digital jukebox.

Speaking about the article, Jason Jarrett (Pictured above) from Automatic Machine Services said: “Kris has a great venue here and as soon as the potential was realised, we upgraded him to a Venue Hub AV to maximise not only the cashbox but also his customers’ experience. The results have been fantastic.”

But, the VHub has also won praise for its functionality too. Kris notes that several customers have commented on how quickly they adapted to the digital jukebox, saying the touch-screen technology reminds them of their iPhones and iPads.

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