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First Summer of Sport digital jukebox winner revealed


The first winner of our Summer of Sport digital jukebox competition has been announced, with Debra Seaton from Blackpool claiming the first iPad prize of the contest.

The Summer of Sport, a monthly competition which runs between June and August, gives digital jukebox players the opportunity to win one of three iPads over the summer period. Users have the chance to claim one of these luxury tablet computers by finding hidden codes amongst the millions of tracks available on Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes across the country.

The first winner of the Summer of Sport contest, Debra, claimed the prize in Orchid pub The Boar’s Head by successfully uncovering Bon Jovi’s classic ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ as June’s secret song. Debra claims a free Apple iPad as her prize, having entered the competition on a Sound Leisure Browser video jukebox.

The Summer of Sport competition runs across approximately 6,000 digital jukeboxes across the country. The contest is available on the popular Milestones in Music package and was designed to celebrate the fantastic number of sporting events taking place over the UK summer.

The Milestones in Music package boasts all recently released tracks, as well as every Top 40 songs from the last 60 years. The package, which reaps high earnings for pubs and bars across the country, was launched in 2006, contains up to 30,000 tracks, with approximately 200 new songs added to the digital jukebox each month.

To find more about the Summer of Sport contest, or to ask about our digital jukebox packages, contact one of the Soundnet team today.

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