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Freestanding jukeboxes get outstanding results

Sound Leisure has received an incredible response to its two new freestanding jukeboxes unveiled at last week’s EAG show.

The New Yorker and the Rocket combine the classic good looks of Sound Leisure’s nostalgia jukeboxes with the latest digital technology expected by pub retail customers.

“Orders were taken from a good cross-section of the industry from independent operators through to multi-nationals,” says Sound Leisure Managing Director, Chris Black. “Customers understand that freestanding jukeboxes take more money due to their increased presence on site. In addition, contrary to popular belief, they don’t actually take up more space than wall mounted jukebox. In today’s modern venues where screens are in abundance, free-standers are a sure fire way to ensure the jukebox stands out from the crowd – especially when they look this good!”

Paul Purcell of Amusement Leisure Warrington ordered both a New Yorker and a Rocket at EAG. “As soon as I saw these jukeboxes I ordered two for city centre pubs that I knew would love them,” he said. “These jukeboxes will work well in gastro pubs, trendy bars and even family-focused food venues. I will use them to get new business in sites where I do not currently have machines, they will unlock new sites for me,” he added.

Both the New Yorker and the Rocket are available on a competitive rental deal to help spread the cost of the investment.

The Rocket rental price is – £41.93 per week while the New Yorker can be rented for £38.69 per week. After 3 years and a final payment of just £50 the jukeboxes are fully owned by the operator and the costs include all the music charges for the entire years.

“Our rental deals have proved to be a perfect way for customers to manage their jukebox estates and we expect this offer for the new Rocket and New Yorker to be extremely attractive for operators looking to expand into new venues,”

concludes Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte.

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