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Global or Local? Surprising research shows music fans favour local tracks over global hits.

Recently published research from the Economic Journal has found that many music fans may favour local artists over international hits.

The global study, conducted by Fernando Ferreira and Joel Waldfogel, surprisingly illustrated that a significant amount of consumers favored home-grown talent over international artists. Following these findings, additional results revealed that the internet and satellite television have in fact supported and increased the availability of local music more than the coverage of global, imported music.

Here at Soundnet, we understand the value consumers place on local music and encourage venue owners to support up-and-coming artists to entertain a new music loving crowd. With Soundnet’s Venue Favourites service, venue owners are able to request specific tracks to be added to their own digital jukebox, even including material from undiscovered local talent.

This is in addition to the digital jukebox’s wide-ranging, frequently updated back catalogue, keeping venue owners up to date with the latest chart releases as well as every UK Top 40 track since 1952.

Using the Venue Favourites feature, bars can reach out to a new audience, attracting fans of local talent to the venue to hear tracks from their favourite local band. This allows venue owners to boost earnings through both digital jukebox takings and food and drink sales. Of course, this option also brings major benefits for the artists themselves, allowing their music to be discovered by new fans across the region.

Pub and bar owners can even go a step further to entertain their customers and boost profits, through hosting live local music events within their venue. As SoundNet’s Venue Hub digital jukebox features a ‘What’s On’ event calendar application, venue owners can then advertise these events to consumers through the machine’s advanced touch screen interface.

For further information on how a digital jukebox could enable your venue to reach new, additional consumers in the local region, contact Soundnet.

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