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God save the Queen (and background music systems)!

Over 70 million extra pints of beer were thought to have been ordered over the Jubilee Weekend, according to initial figures from The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA). It was also estimated that an extra 7.5 million pub meals had also been sold over the four-day weekend celebrating The Queen’s sixty-year reign on the throne.

Speaking last week, BBPA chief executive Brigit Simmonds commented:

“Here’s to a great Jubilee weekend for Britain’s pubs. When it comes to celebrating a great occasion, beer and pubs have so much to offer that says something special about being British. With so many great Jubilee beers on sale, I hope people visit their local to raise a glass to the Queen.”

The additional beer sales should not come as a surprise to those working in the trade industry. Indeed, The Queen’s Jubilee was predicted to have produced an extra £509 million across dozens of different markets. Retail shopping, souvenirs and tourism are thought to have been the key beneficiaries of the four-day holiday.

But while the rise in beer sales will have been good news for pubs and bars across the country, we in the background music industry have been advising landlords on how to convert this additional custom in a regular revenue stream. Indeed, while many made an irregular visit to their local for the four-day weekend, many venues will be keen to see these additional customers make a return to the bar in the coming weeks and months (particularly with The Olympics and Euro 2012 around the corner).

Regardless of the event, pub customers want to be able to enjoy their leisure time in a relaxing atmosphere. A background music system geared towards the tastes of the venue consumers is the perfect tool for ensuring patrons have a comfortable experience in their local. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and makes one-off consumers much more likely to return to the venue in the future, regardless of any pomp and circumstance surrounding their visit.

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