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Landmark Jukebox Deal for SX Leisure and TouchTunes

Essex Leisure (now trading as SX Leisure) has agreed to a deal with TouchTunes to purchase and site 200 Angelina jukeboxes in the next 12 months. 

The jukeboxes are all supplied by TouchTunes pre-fitted with Ask Global card readers. TouchTunes will also help with the roll-out, with installation support and ongoing commercial management.  

Greg Wood, Managing Director of SX Leisure says, “This massive injection of Angelina jukes into our existing and future business is important to the future of SX Leisure.  At SX Leisure, we have invested heavily in the latest new digital AWP cabinets, and we need a jukebox offering that matches this investment.  The TouchTunes Angelina, is in our view, the best in the UK right now.  It looks great and it is one of the most stable and technically reliable machines we have ever used, and it makes more money than any other jukebox we have had.” 

Steve Hawkins, CEO SX Leisure, adds, “We have been testing an increased price of play with TouchTunes over the last few months which has shown a significant increase in revenue, so all of these Angelina jukeboxes will be going out on this new price of play.” 

The deal signals a new way of working for TouchTunes and SX Leisure.  Toby Hoyte, Commercial Director at TouchTunes says, “Greg and Steve at SX Leisure take the view that music is a big part of their business, and it needs the right investment and right attention. We have created a new partnership with SX leisure with this initial order of 200 jukes. We have been innovative in putting this deal together and I think we have created something that is quite unique.” 

Sue Cooke, Managing Director at TouchTunes, says “We are delighted to be working with SX Leisure.  They are one of the most successful and ‘forward-thinking’ businesses in the UK.  This deal is the biggest single order of jukeboxes in the UK in TouchTunes history.  We wanted to do a deal that works for everyone.  TouchTunes is committed to growing revenue in the UK jukebox trade, much as we have done in the US.  Working with SX Leisure will prove to be a major step forward on this. This deal is a significant investment by both companies and I am certain that it signals a new era for the jukebox trade in the UK.”

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