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Leisureplay MD heralds Playdium’s ‘game changing’ credentials

IMAGE: Marc Bird(L), MD of Leisurely, with Soundnet’s Toby Hoyte

Marc Bird, Managing Director of jukebox specialists, Leisureplay, believes the introduction of the TouchTunes’ Playdium provides a valuable new selling opportunity for operators and will help to stimulate interest in pay-to-play in venue music and push it much higher up the agenda of site owners.

Speaking shortly after placing repeat orders for the Playdium, he said:

“We’ve got installs scheduled every day for the next few weeks and the conversations I’m having with venues regarding Playdium has been universally positive.”

He continued:

“I see Playdium as being a game changer for a number of key reasons.

“This is a smart jukebox which understands the environment and the player profile. What this means in practice is it prompts the jukebox user to consider making additional selections based on their profile, their music tastes and their history. We’ve found the existence of prompts and suggestions to have a positive impact on the cashbox because it encourages the jukebox user to go on a musical journey. The carousel on the home page means that we can tailor the visual content to suit the venue. I’ve just set up a Playdium for a rock venue and I’ve also completed one with a Welsh theme for a pub in Wales.

“With social clubs, where the profile is older, I can populate it with a music selection that’s appropriate. My specialist subject would be jukeboxes and I could talk about the features and benefits of one model compared to another for literally hours, but I can honestly say that I’ve never been as excited or energised by a launch as I have been with this.”

The Leisureplay boss also believes the feature rich Playdium will help to change the narrative surrounding in venue music. He explained:

“Everyone is receptive to a technology driven story, particularly when it can be shown to have such a positive impact on income. When I’m speaking with my customers and explaining how this piece of kit works, either as a background music system, how to deploy the TouchTunes App, the way in which it establishes an intuitive relationship with end-users, you move from being a supplier to a consultant and I think that can only be a positive for the sector.”

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