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Lifting the mood with new music

Through conducting a series of experiments using MRI scanners, Canadian scientists from the Montreal Neurological Institute have discovered listening to new music has a positive effect on brain activity.

Despite the fact music represents an abstract concept, the researchers observed that when played new tracks, the participants’ brain reactions mirrored those in situations where a subject expects to receive a reward such as food or money.

For Soundnet’s team of music enthusiasts, this finding was hardly surprising. We have always been passionate about discovering new music, from uncovering forgotten treasures or unknown independent artists to hearing the latest releases from big name artists. Of course, we know we aren’t the only ones, which is why our background music systems include a number of innovative features designed to aid music discovery.

Firstly, Soundnet hold an agreement with the Official Charts Company making us the only jukebox operator to feature the weekly chart on our jukeboxes. This partnership, combined with regular automatic updates of new releases and exclusive pre-release tracks, allows pubs to remain at the forefront of new music, with a knock-on effect on jukebox takings.

Stumbling across a new favourite song shouldn’t be limited to the latest artists though. With over 7 million songs available to access online through the latest VenueHub jukeboxes, there are thousands of music history’s biggest talents that you never realised you loved. Landlords even have the option to request additional tracks such as undiscovered local bands to add to the jukebox library.

This may sound like an overwhelming degree of choice, but Soundnet have solved this dilemma with a variety of intuitive ways to browse the music collection, a Last.Fm link-up and the clever Music Spider app. This last feature asks jukebox users to enter their favourite artist and automatically returns branches leading to other similar musicians, creating a trail of exploration specifically tailored to each customer’s tastes.

Through these engaging features, we’re proud to be able to say that digital jukeboxes help create a positive ambiance in pubs up and down the country by introducing patrons to great new music.

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