V5 Kits

Supercharge Your Sound Leisure Juke
with the V5

Soundnet and Sound Leisure are offering a unique opportunity to jukebox operators to turn their existing and older model Sound Leisure jukeboxes into a new upgraded Milestones juke – almost at the touch of a button.

With an easy plug and play installation, digital Sound Leisure jukeboxes can be instantly upgraded into a more powerful, interactive Milestones model with online access to 3.5 million tracks, the Official Singles Chart and the Album Chart.

Upgrade kits will take an older Sound Leisure model like a One Stop juke and create a new Milestones juke. This is a very effective way to upgrade existing sites and repurpose stock units and offers great value.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • Access to the Unlimited music library of 3.5 million tracks. (This feature has previously only been available on the Sound Leisure Vhub jukeboxes)
  • Access to the Official Singles Chart and the Album Chart.
  • One-year warranty from Sound Leisure
  • Built-in wifi to make downloads a doddle
  • Easy plug and play

Contact us now for an opportunity to upgrade your non-Milestones jukeboxes and have them earning at top levels.