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Live Forever: Oasis’ continued popularity takes them to the top of Soundnet’s jukebox artist chart

The chances of Oasis ever having any future as a band may seem slim at the moment, but on jukeboxes across the country, the band’s tracks remain as popular as ever. So popular, in fact, that they’ve risen to take the top spot on Soundnet’s most played artists of 2012 chart.

This acclaim has earned the band over 67,000 jukebox plays in the past year alone, putting valuable extra funds into the cashboxes of pubs throughout the UK. To pay tribute to this achievement, Soundnet are dedicating this week’s blog to a countdown of the top 10 Oasis tracks the British public love listening to while enjoying a pint in their local bar or pub.

Kicking off the list in tenth place is the band’s 1998 hit Acquiesce, joined in ninth place by one of Oasis’ earliest track releases from the band’s debut album, Definitely Maybe; Live Forever. Moving forward in time, Little by Little comes in at eighth, having been a number two hit single for the band back in 2002.

Next, Supersonic may have only reached number 31 in the charts in 1994, but it has certainly gained a place in pub-goers hearts since, and now enters Soundnet’s chart as the seventh most selected Oasis song on the jukebox, after Slide Away in sixth. With a play count of 5285, Morning glory takes the fifth spot, just beaten by the only one of Oasis’ number one singles to make it into our jukebox top ten, Don’t Look Back in Anger.

With only three spots left in the Oasis jukebox countdown, Cigarettes and Alcohol steps in to take the bronze medal and 1996 classic Champagne Supernova hits second place. In a fairly unsurprising turn of events, uplifting anthem Wonderwall is the stand out winner, beating all other Oasis tracks by over 1000 selections with a play count of 10120 in 2012 alone.

Coming to the end of the chart, the only thing left to ask is whether Oasis will manage to hold onto their title as Soundnet’s most selected jukebox artist next year, and if not, who will overtake them?

The 10 most played Oasis tracks on Soundnet jukeboxes last year:

  1. Wonderwall – 10120 plays
  2. Cigarettes & Alcohol – 8932 plays
  3. Don’t Look Back In Anger – 6152 plays
  4. Morning Glory – 5285 plays
  5. Slide Away – 5222 plays
  6. Supersonic – 4707 plays
  7. Little By Little – 4704 plays
  8. Live Forever – 4673 plays
  9. Acquiesce – 4447 plays

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