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Local music boosts jukebox takings for the Salford Arms, Salford

Salford Landlord, Ken Devereaux, is keen to announce that jukebox takings have doubled for the Salford Arms since the venue began using its digital jukebox to promote local music. “We’ve been advised how to use this jukebox to the full potential and I put that down to the success we’ve had to date,” Devereaux comments.

The Salford Arms has always taken pride in championing talented local artists through hosting regular live music events, Devereaux explains. Recently, however, this support was taken to the next level, as Devereaux began using the jukebox’s ‘What’s on’ feature to provide customers with a digital calendar of upcoming events.

“The jukebox is in a fantastic position so it’s great for advertising what’s on and promoting special events such as our increasingly popular open mic night,” affirms Devereaux.

What’s more, Salford Arms pub-goers can now enjoy local music even on nights when no band is playing, thanks to advice on making the most of the Soundnet’s Venue Favourites option by adding local artists’ tracks to the jukebox library. As Devereaux puts it,

“We have had the jukebox profiled to play the right music to cater for our regulars. Local bands that play love the fact we can help promote their music via the jukebox.”

One such artist, award winning local songwriter, Sarah de Warren, showed her appreciation at having her tracks featured on the Salford Arms’ jukebox, commenting,

“Thanks so much for putting them up for me, so excited to hear them on there! I’m re-recording a bunch of my songs over Christmas, so when they’re done I’ll definitely email them over for the jukebox.”

The pub’s customers seem similarly excited to have the option to listen to local music, to the extent that the latest offering by Salford-based band Buffalo, is now the jukebox’s most played track, causing Devereaux to assert that, “The jukebox is the heart of our venue.”

To find out how Soundnet’s musical expertise could help drive community spirit and improve jukebox takings in your venue, contact the Soundnet team.

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