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Looks Do Matter Says TouchTunes

What makes a successful pub machine can vary greatly but one vital ingredient has got to be the way it looks. Attractive cabinets that are well designed and beautifully illuminated are a clarion call to players in a crowded bar.

This is a fact that has been recognised in the gaming machine market, where a favoured cabinet design featuring changing LED illumination, touchscreens and sleek lines has emerged. Why shouldn’t a jukebox fit this mould?

The Angelina from TouchTunes has always looked this way. Designed in the States and supplied through Sound Leisure in the UK, the Angelina stands out in the quality of its components and design – but it blends in with the market-leading gaming equipment from leading suppliers.

Angelina also looks as good on the inside, where innovative no-wire, component-to-component design with snap-in part replacement, minimizes service times, reduces inventory needs and increases reliability and performance.

“At the recent ACOS show, a customer pointed out how good the Angelina looks alongside today’s top gaming cabinets,” says Soundnet/TouchTunes’ Toby Hoyte. “Top sites want machines which complement each other and the décor of the venue. Of course, the fact that Angelina is also the top-earning digital jukebox in the UK is also a major consideration.”

If you would like to invest in a head-turning Angelina jukebox from TouchTunes – available with a popular 18% revenue-share option, get in touch with Toby today on 07970 229 124

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