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Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball hits the charts, but what do pubgoers think of the singer’s transformation?

Miley Cyrus’ transformation from America’s sweetheart to rebellious pop starlet has taken the music world by storm, and this week the Soundnet team had to stop and ask ourselves how pubgoers would react to the singer’s latest track.

Known by many for her lead role in Walt Disney’s TV series Hannah Montana, country-pop singer Miley Cyrus has generated extreme public interest in recent months, attracting comments from admiring fans and critics alike for her radical new image. This level of public interest can undoubtedly have a huge impact on demand for an artist’s music, driving customers in venues across the country to select Miley’s latest singles on their local pub jukebox.

Of course as the play-count racks up, so do profits, not only through jukebox takings but also through increased drink sales as customers return time after time to hear their favourite hits. Understanding this, Soundnet are committed to ensuring new chart tracks are added to the jukebox as rapidly as possible through the machine’s digital connection. With Miley’s new single though, Soundnet decided to pause before uploading the track.

Following on from Miley’s bold party hit of the summer, We Can’t Stop, the video for new single Wrecking Ball also features suggestive imagery, which some customers might frown on. Given this possibility, Soundnet felt it best to assess the suitability of the footage before broadcasting it on the big screen in local venues alongside jukebox plays.

In the end, the Soundnet team agreed Miley’s single is just another harmless pop track, and not likely to cause any offence. The team therefore decided to upload the track to the jukebox playlist immediately so landlords could benefit from the popularity of this catchy tune.

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