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Most consumers think pints taste better with background music

A new study has discovered that the majority of consumers actually believe pleasant background music in pubs improves the taste of their pint. Of those surveyed, 53 per cent stated nice music would moderately to significantly enhance their experience, and a further 33 per cent did not mind hearing music while they drank.

The report, conducted on behalf of pubco Taylor Walker, was used to determine the exact mathematical formula for what constitutes the ‘perfect pint’, by surveying pub customers on a variety of topics from temperature to snacks.

In addition to this key finding on music preference, the equation predicts that pub-goers prefer to enjoy a pint with three to four friends in an upbeat mood, two days before they’re due back at work. They’re also happiest when snacks are widely available and the background temperature is a comfortable 17.6 degrees Celsius, with over 40 per cent choosing the pub garden as their favourite place to consume a pint.

Not all beer drinkers are alike, however, as the study finds several important differences in how various groups of people like their beverage. For example, 18-24 year olds, the youngest age group surveyed, were more than twice as likely to appreciate music played at a loud volume while at the pub than older customers.

Clearly, these scientific results will be of great interest to many pub landlords looking to improve their offering in order to draw in the crowds. In terms of music though, some may fear that license fees for popular tracks will prove prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, Soundnet’s background music packages provide a highly cost-effective solution to this common problem, as initial set up, including 1250 tracks carefully selected to appeal to each individual pub’s client base, is free of charge. So, for instance, as the study suggests Welsh and Irish pub-goers have different attitudes to loud, raucous music, track listings could be changed to reflect these differing preferences.

Contact a representative to discover more about which playlist options Soundnet’s expert advisors would recommend for your pub or bar.

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