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Music & Craft Beer: Shipyard IPA

It was a Friday lunchtime, the sun was shining and it was the end of a busy week. So James (Luck) and I did the logical thing. We went to the pub for a pint. We picked a place called The Bucks Head, which is in Camden Town just around the corner from our offices.

James wanted me to try a pint of Shipyard IPA he had there a few weeks ago. I wasn’t so sure, as it seemed a bit lite for me. But although the hops were pale and the malt felt a bit thin, it did have a very smooth head, which is what James loved about it. Despite my reservations, I found the first pint slipped down very easily and the second was tasting even better – which is unusual – but good!

As I relaxed into the second pint, my attention was drawn to the music at the Bucks Head. I reckoned it was background Americana, although it was quite difficult to tell because it was on annoyingly low volume. It was probably new American middle of the road, with some classic tracks thrown in such as Pearl Jam and Guns n Roses. Not really suited to the venue and not to my taste – it was not the right accompaniment to the Shipyard IPA at all.

I could see how the idea of a rock playlist would seem the obvious choice for a pub like The Bucks Head on Camden High Street, but in reality, on that day last week it only got on my nerves. To be fair, given the location and the fact that 90% of the day-time trade was foreign tourists, it filled the space and did the trick.

However, as I enjoyed my pint, James’ chatter and the Friday sunshine, I imagined my perfect playlist for this particular pub in Camden. I fancied some tracks that would stand out from the crowd. I wanted more rock to enjoy alongside my smooth Shipyard – something less middle of the road, but not enough to scare off the tourists.

So here is my perfect playlist for my Friday pint of Shipyard in Camden, which I thought I would share with you. James, me, and the rest of the team at Soundnet, live and breathe music (and we like our beer too). We profile every venue before we decide what music to provide on jukeboxes and background music systems to ensure that your customers find just what they are looking for – the best possible music to enjoy with their beer. Cheers!

White Denim – At Night In Dreams

 Beck – Blue Moon

Fleetwood Mac – Man Of The World

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