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Music played in pubs is on the increase

The PRS for Music has announced that pubs and clubs paid out £38.5m in music royalties last year, which is a growth of 2.1% on previous payments from the sector.

Given that the pub sector itself has seen some consolidation in recent years, this figure is impressive. It goes to show that revenue from both jukeboxes and background music must be increasing in UK pubs, despite the economic downturn and this does not surprise us at Soundnet.

We know from our customers that jukebox cashbox income has become a more significant part of the overall machine offering within pubs. A digital jukebox is a great investment for a site, with regular music uploads ensuring that the latest tracks are always available to play. In fact, a jukebox is an asset that remains as relevant 12 months on, as the day it is installed.

Despite this, we continue to develop new features, along with our partner Sound Leisure. The latest V-Hub interface for example, includes Twitter and Flickr feeds, so that customers can incorporate their pub in their social media feeds, promoting the site among their friends and contacts.

With our own App, soundjack, which we are launching right now, consumers will be able to choose and pay for their music from their smart phones, a move that we estimate will increase revenues from the music within the site by around 30%.

Getting the music right within the site is not something that should be left to the bar staff. In order to maximise the potential offered by a jukebox or background music system, it needs to be carefully managed. Get the right atmosphere in a venue and the wet sales will increase as well. Get it wrong and people will finish their drinks and move on.

Soundnet will profile each site before it installing a jukebox or background music system. We will ensure that only the right kind of music is being played at the different times of day, to reflect the clientele and their expectations.
What’s more, we ensure that all the music we supply is fully licensed, giving the venue complete peace of mind.

If you would like to be part of the music revolution in pubs and clubs and want to know how Soundnet can help, contact Toby or James today.

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