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On the Live Music Act and background music systems

A new act of Parliament will soon allow pubs to hold small live music gigs without a license. The new ruling, passed in the Live Music Act, will give pubs the opportunity to hold performances of live music if the audience is fewer than 200 people. The legislation is set to come into force around autumn.

The act allows pubs to hold live music performances, if held between 9am and 11pm, without having to apply for a live music license. Previously, only 26 per cent of licensed premises in the UK could stage any form of live music.

The news of the Live Music Act will be welcomed by the pub industry, many of whom felt the previous regulations for hosting live music were too complicated. A petition for the government to relax the law was signed by 4,121 venue owners, while industry publication ‘The Publican’ campaigned for the issue with its ‘Listen Up!’ Facebook group.

Writing at the time, James Wilmore from The Publican, commented:

“The Publican’s Listen Up! campaign really seems to have struck a chord with the trade and many outside the industry.

“Under the previous licensing regime, pubs and bars were allowed to host two or less amplified musicians without needing a licence. But this rule was scrapped from the 2003 Licensing Act. Giving an exemption of this kind would hopefully allow more pubs that wanted to, to host live music, helping sustain them on quiet nights.”

Music is incredibly important for creating the ambiance of a venue. A background music system for a bar or restaurant can ensure that patrons can enjoy music especially chosen for them. The same principal applies to live music and the new legislation will allow venues to hold intimate gigs suitable for their clientele.

Here at Soundnet, we specialise in providing venues with a background music system suited to the tastes of their customers. Our pub and restaurant background music options ensure that publicans and restaurant owners across the country have the opportunity to provide the latest (and most relevant) tracks for their customers without having to concern themselves with management or maintenance of the system.

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