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Online jukeboxes Break the 2000 Barrier

Following record-breaking of sales of the VHub digital jukebox incorporating the soundjack app, Soundnet has put over 2000 units online so far in 2014.

The soundjack app allows customers to choose and pay for their music using a smart phone. It is proven to increase the jukebox cashbox by encouraging more customers throughout the venue to use the jukebox, without having to leave their seats or move inside from the smoking area, for example.

James Luck from Soundnet says “We know that in North America a similar, established app is already responsible for over 15% of jukebox income with this figure growing significantly year on year. We feel that soundjack will be an important part of the future for our jukeboxes. As a result, Soundnet and Sound Leisure will extend soundjack capability for free to all existing Milestones in Music (MIM) jukeboxes at the EAG show in January”

“Milestones in Music is by far the largest inventory of machines in the UK so this is a massive commitment,” says Chris Black, Managing Director, Sound Leisure. “It will herald a seismic shift in connectivity for existing Sound Leisure machines. It proves that Sound Leisure and Soundnet are committed to making the future a reality for our customers.”

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