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Playdium is one million tracks and growing

Playdium is tapping in to the Spotify Generation with its huge library of tracks and rapid response to cultural events.

The jukebox industry can now connect and engage with what observers are terming the ‘Spotify Generation’ thanks to the unprecedented choice of music delivered by the Touch- Tunes Playdium smart jukebox.

The 21st century entertainment platform, which is rejuvenating the pay to play invenue music sector courtesy of a range of cash box relevant, consumer led features and benefits, provides access to up to one million pieces of music, an unprecedented level of choice which is 80 percent greater than that offered by its nearest competitive rival. TouchTunes gets its music tracks from the same digital distributors which supply Spotify, iTunes Apple Music and the other digital music services.

James Luck, who has many years experience working in the industry, believes this is a stand out feature which differentiates Playdium from any other music offering. He explained:

“Choice is something which consumers experience in every aspect of their lives from the drinks brands they can get in pubs, the media and video programming they can demand courtesy of Netflix to the type of coffee they buy from Starbucks on the way in to work. Thanks to the Playdium, the same choice now applies to the music they are able to select on the jukebox which is available as soon as the record label has released it. On average we are adding 20 new releases every day. The amount of songs and speed at which they are available is unprecedented and will have a positive impact on the cash box.”

The depth of music, which includes complete albums, means that Touch- Tunes can react instantly to major developments such as the passing of cult artists as occurred in 2016. James Luck stated:

“Over the last 12 months we had the deaths of David Bowie in January, Prince in April and Leonard Cohen in November. As soon as news broke of their passing we were able to upload remotely, a Custom Tile of the artist and help jukebox users navigate very quickly to their catalogue of songs. Quite simply, being able to deliver choice and variety is absolutely key.”

Playdium has gained a reputation amongst operators as a next generation entertainment platform and one which allows venues to select from a variety of music profiles to suit their location and customer profile. The smart jukebox learns from the music that has been selected and adapts over time to highlight the choices that are most relevant.

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