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Rent to buy and get a new Jukebox for no capital outlay

Jukeboxes have moved centre stage in recent years, competing and even beating other forms of pub retail pay per play equipment for cashbox take. Canny operators have recognized that jukeboxes are far from being ancillary equipment, and make the jukebox their flagship product in many venues.

Rental-FlyerIt’s not just us saying that, recent significant orders from the UK’s two largest operators Sceptre and Gamestec for Sound Leisure jukeboxes illustrate this point.

However, as the exclusive music supplier for Sound Leisure digital jukes, we are keen that all operators have a chance to invest in the latest jukeboxes in order to realize the benefits. So we have launched a rental-purchase scheme, which will allow all UK operators to upgrade their estates for no capital downlay.

There are two standard offers, both including the cost of the music and culminating in operator ownership of the jukebox.

The first is for a Vhub P32 for £30 per week, paid over three years with a final payment of £250 *

The second offer is for a Music Milestone for £24.99 per week, for three years with final payment of £250 *

We trialled this rental offer last year and without exception it has proven to be huge success. We are now making this offer open to everyone.

It is now possible to get a brand new Sound Leisure jukebox within a week for no capital cost. Operators can use this offer to grow or establish their business while keep existing sites happy with the latest machines. Call us today for more details.

* does not include Unlimited connection to 5million tracks – extra £10 per month

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