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Roll out the barrel for background music systems in pubs

This week, the Soundnet background music team came across an interesting piece on The Guardian music blog; an article asking readers to share their favourite tracks with a connection to beer and alcohol. The piece, which you can read here, highlighted the rich and diverse collection of music dedicated to beer.

“Plenty of music has been made under the influence of beer – not always to the enhancement of listening pleasure. But we’re looking for songs that are actually about beer, or at least mention it,” John Dennis, a journalist at the paper, wrote.

Songs featured in the article included ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,’ by John Lee Hooker, ‘Roll Out the Barrel’, from The Lurkers and ‘Donegal Express’, from The Popes. Meanwhile, readers in the comments section of the piece suggested tracks from ZZ Top, I Am Kloot and Tom Waits. At the time of writing, over 18 pages of user suggestions have been submitted to the website.

Beer and music have a very strong relationship and we’ve previously written about how a rich and diverse collection of background music can influence the atmosphere of a pub or bar. A good playlist gives landlords and owners the opportunity to create the perfect ambiance for their customers, giving them an ability to build the ideal environment with which to attract the best clientele for the establishment. And a good atmosphere is crucial for creating a venue that people want to spend time in.

Indeed, a recent study from Mintel discovered that the majority of Britons enjoyed drinking in their local pub, compared to at home, because of the atmosphere and community spirit.

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