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Scottish Licensed Trade News urges landlords to keep pace with background music technology

Hospitality industry publication, Scottish Licensed Trade News, is warning bar and club owners not to fall behind in terms of background music technology, as online streaming services like Spotify shift consumer expectations for music variety.

In a recent article featuring Soundnet’s Marketing Manager Toby Hoyte, the trade journal informs readers of the numerous benefits digital background music systems and jukeboxes can have for their venues. As Hoyte explains;

“Sites that have held on to their CD jukeboxes are finally seeing the value in changing over and benefitting from automatic music updates with the latest tracks, profiled to their venues.” This option gives pub and bar owners the chance to offer their customers the most popular tracks without having to continuously purchase and install new CDs. In turn, this can have a dramatic effect on jukebox takings, since chart and new releases typically represent over 80 per cent of jukebox play counts.

Beyond profit from song selections though, background music systems have also been proven to boost overall cashbox levels. As Laura Ferguson of official music licensing body the PPL confirms;

“In addition to providing a key point of difference for licensed premises, our research has shown that music can also contribute to a business’s overall success. This is particularly true for those operating in the licensed and hospitality trade, with 73% of bars and pubs questioned agreeing that playing music increased sales.”

Hoyte goes on to add that prices are no longer a factor to dissuade landlords from embracing new background music technology, especially as Soundnet offers a profit share pricing option with no rental fees.

“The cost of entry-level digital jukeboxes and music packages is now so low,” reports Hoyte, concluding, “There really is no need to rely on background music or an old CD jukebox for entertainment.”

Contact Soundnet to learn more about upgrading to the latest jukebox background music system in your pub, bar or club.

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