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Seasonal spirit with Soundnet’s background music service

It’s fair to say that in the UK, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved far beyond its cultural origins and has become a real celebration, drawing crowds together for a great time over a customary pint of Guinness. This year proved to be no exception, and we certainly enjoyed seeing such a lively, joyous atmosphere in local pubs earlier this month.

What’s even more significant, though, is the extra business St. Patrick’s Day drew in for landlords, particularly at a time when the pub industry is struggling against rising supply costs and high taxes. Despite the trend towards consumers opting to drink at home, instead of at on-trade venues, special events like this really remind customers that the communal feel of the pub can hardly be replicated.

For this kind of festivity though, landlords who go the extra mile in spreading the cheer are always going to reach a larger audience, and in turn are likely to be rewarded with higher footfall. Music has to be one of the easiest ways to achieve this, as it can have a huge impact on shaping the ambiance in a pub. Irish shanties on St. Patrick’s Day are sure to rouse the crowd, for example.

Recognising the need for specific styles of music at themed events, Soundnet offers landlords the chance to choose their own unique selections for their VenueHub digital jukebox, however unusual they may be. Of course, this Venue Favourites service comes alongside an extensive online back catalogue of over 7 million tracks already available through the jukebox.

Once the music has been chosen to set the right mood, the VenueHub can also serve as a simple way of promoting an upcoming event. Landlords have the option to upload their own content to be viewed on the digital jukebox’s touchscreen display, from posters to photographs, and can also create a calendar of events to keep regulars informed.

With these two simple steps complete, the only thing left for landlords to is decide what type of themed event to host next.

For more information on the opportunities a digital jukebox could create for your pub or bar, contact Soundnet.

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