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Setting the mood for summer with Soundnet

It may only be March, but as Brits it’s in our nature to start looking ahead and planning for the summer months at the first sign of a sunny weekend.

Warmer weather brings with it a whole new set of opportunities for landlords, as eager patrons start venturing out into pub gardens up and down the country. Many pub owners may think that once this switch occurs, the jukebox no longer has a role to play in shaping a venue’s ambiance.

Actually though, thanks to the innovative features of modern jukeboxes, the summer sun can increase the number of ways a jukebox can be used to entertain customers. Unsurprisingly, the jukebox’s primary function will always be as a background music system, and this is none the less true outdoors, where landlords can choose to install weatherproof speakers to make the most of this opportunity.

To avoid any issues with noise regulation, Soundnet’s background music service comes with the option to separately control the volume in different areas of the venue. This means Landlords can continue to create an upbeat atmosphere inside, while keeping the noise to a manageable level outside to encourage casual conversation.

Beyond this fully customisable background music system, the cutting-edge VenueHub jukebox also acts as a perfect accompaniment to any outdoor pub events held over the summer months. Given the digital jukebox model’s option to display promotional posters and a calendar of upcoming events, the VenueHub provides a simple way of letting customers know what’s happening within the pub.

For an even more creative touch, landlords can even request specific songs to add to their jukebox music catalogue to support these events. Often, pub and bar owners take advantage of this option by adding local artists’ songs to their playlists following open mic nights, creating a real community feel for the pub. Alternatively though, this could be used to supply the perfect soundtrack to a theme night, competitive sporting event or family fun day.

To take advantage of these ingenious special features to create a sense of summer fun in your pub or bar, contact a member of the Soundnet team.

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