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Soundnet bring the Starburst jukebox into the digital age

The ever-popular Starburst Sound Leisure jukebox has now been given a major online upgrade, making it perhaps the best value digital jukebox on the market.

Previously only available as a traditional offline jukebox, the Starburst has nonetheless remained a firm favourite with Britain’s venue owners, thanks to its comprehensive track library and highly competitive price. As Soundnet’s Marketing Manager, Toby Hoyte, attests though, “Adding online connectivity takes this jukebox to another level altogether.”

The option to add a digital connection is available for both new and existing Starburst machines; operators simply need to have their Starburst jukebox connected to the internet, either through a direct connection, Wi-Fi or a 3G dongle. Once installed, this online connection provides the Starburst with several convenient extra features, designed to allow venue owners to provide consumers with a more engaging jukebox experience.

“Online connectivity is a phenomenal tool for operators, removing the necessity to manually upload music updates and giving them access to Opweb, which allows many functions on the jukebox to be adjusted remotely,” explains Hoyte, adding, “This is an amazing opportunity!”

With music service fees starting at just £6.34 per week and a purchase price of £1395, the Starburst is also a highly affordable option for venue owners looking to embrace modern jukebox technology.

“The Starburst is the perfect budget machine for operators either new to digital jukes or for those who want to grow their online jukebox business,” comments Sound Leisure’s Managing Director, Chris Black. “To be able to buy a quality Sound Leisure jukebox at this price is amazing.”

This price doesn’t come at the cost of music variety either, as the Starburst comes equipped with a music library of 20,000 hand-picked tracks, automatically updated with 100 new songs and four new albums each month.

Contact Soundnet to learn more about the positive effect upgrading to a digitally connected jukebox could have on both jukebox takings and your venue’s atmosphere.

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