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Soundnet champions the spirit of discovering new music ahead of Glastonbury Festival

This weekend marks perhaps the most anticipated event of the year for UK festival-goers, as thousands flock to rural Somerset to enjoy the legendary Glastonbury festival.

Clearly, the big name artists headlining this year’s line-up, including the Rolling Stones, the Arctic Monkeys and Mumford and Sons, are guaranteed to draw the biggest crowds at the festival. For Soundnet though, the most inspiring aspect of the festival is the chance it gives music lovers to stumble across talented emerging artists and established bands they never knew they loved. Offering music from every genre under the sun over the course of the weekend, there really is something for absolutely everyone.

Understanding the joy of uncovering a new favourite band, Soundnet have tried to capture this spirit in venues across the country, through the easy-to-use music discovery features on the cutting edge VenueHub jukebox.

With a comprehensive back catalogue of up to 7 million tracks available through the jukebox’s digital connection, the VenueHub can even rival Glastonbury when it comes to music variety. This already extensive collection is automatically updated twice weekly with the latest chart entries and exclusive pre-release content, keeping the venue up to speed with music trends. While this may seem like a daunting degree of choice, the jukebox’s convenient browsing options, categorised by song name, artist, genre or even release date, mean songs can quickly be located.

For pub-goers looking to adventure beyond old favourites, the jukebox’s innovative Music Spider feature also creates a clever way to explore new music by delivering recommendations suited to the user’s personal tastes. Type in Oasis, for example, and Music Spider will suggest similar artists like Blur or The Verve. Through 15 second audio previews of the artists’ tracks, customers can then select songs to create a playlist of all the new artists they’re excited to start listening to.

To learn more about the intelligent features that make the VenueHub one of the most engaging jukeboxes available, contact Soundnet.

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