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Soundnet offers spooky songs to cash in on Halloween sales boost

The Orchid Group pub company has seen mounting interest in Halloween over the last few years and now predicts 12 per cent sales growth over this year’s period of celebration.

According to the company’s marketing executive, Bella Kirkton, “The influence of popular occult TV programmes, films and books such as Twilight, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and the Harry Potter films is huge and has really helped take Halloween’s popularity to new heights.” The spooky event has become so popular, in fact, that it is now the UK’s third largest spending holiday, beaten only by Christmas and Easter.

With consumers purchasing over £300 million worth of Halloween products last year, The Orchid chain is eager to make the most of the increased footfall the holiday brings. In Kirkton’s own words, “Halloween is one of our best weeks of the year, and it’s an exciting time for kids and big kids.”

The pub group has therefore extended its Halloween events calendar to cover several days’ worth of activities and promotions. Kirkton says the aim is to create “something for everyone to enjoy” including a Halloween buffet and party night. It is hoped these celebrations will repeat the successes experienced by the chain last year. Most notably, Orchid Group establishment The Grapes Inn in Shrewsbury saw an unprecedented 57.7 per cent sales increase over previous weeks in response to its ghost hunt and fancy dress disco events.

Of course the popularity of these events depends heavily on creating the perfect ghoulish atmosphere within each pub, which can involve a fairly substantial amount of organisation. In terms of the soundtrack for the night though, The Milestones in Music Jukebox package can simplify the planning process.

This model offers a selection of pre-programmed Halloween playlists, alongside every top 40 chart hit since records began. This gives venues the choice between letting their customers pick from a wide selection of ghostly tracks, or just selecting a digital jukebox playlist to continue playing throughout the night.

Contact one of the Soundnet team if you’d like to create ambiance in your pub or bar this Halloween.

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