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Soundnet offers unlimited venue favourites service

Soundnet have decided to extend the hugely popular ‘Venue Favourites’ service to allow landlords to add unlimited tracks to a personalised jukebox playlist of their customers’ most-requested tracks.

Aware that different pubs and bars have very different customers with highly varied music tastes, for years Soundnet have given landlords the option to hand-pick 50 extra tracks to add to their jukebox. Now though, Soundnet have announced that this 50 track cap will be removed, giving venue owners greater choice than ever before.

“It’s such an important part of our service,” affirms Soundnet’s Commercial Director, James Luck, concluding, “We always go the extra mile when it comes to meeting these requests, no matter how obscure. It’s so easy to do, lists can be emailed, telephoned or faxed to us, we don’t need exact tracklists or even artists’ names, just a vague idea will do.”

This commitment to sourcing and providing a venue’s chosen tracks, from common choices like Elvis to little-known local bands and even the most unusual musical sub-genres, proved crucial to Soundnet customers, Essex Leisure, when organising their themed beer festival.

“We ordered some German Oompah music on the Monday, Soundnet supplied it on the Friday; just in time for the site’s beer festival,” explains the company’s Account Manager, Tony Garrett. “We have requested many Venue Favourites over the years but this one deserves a special mention as Soundnet surpassed their usual excellent support and advice,” he concludes.

In addition to creating the perfect atmosphere for a venue, the Venue Favourites service also enables landlords to improve jukebox profits, by meeting the individual preferences of their customers. As expressed by Chris Haley, Managing Director of Dransfield Novelty Company; “We have been using the Venue Favourite service from Soundnet for many years. It has been crucial to the on-going success of our jukebox sites.”

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