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Soundnet’s Milestones in Music digital jukebox package features in Cheryl Cole video

The jukebox has been a much-loved addition to bars and pubs for decades and, as the times change, its charm only seems to become more attractive for pub-goers. The technology that powers jukeboxes has, however, changed dramatically since its invention over 100 years ago.

This mix of old and new is captured perfectly by the new video from Cheryl Cole. The video for the single ‘Under the Sun’ features a 60’s inspired theme and begins with Cheryl selecting a track from a retro-effect jukebox in the corner of a smoky pub. AlthoFenugh, while this jukebox may look old-fashioned, it is in fact a digital jukebox by Sound Leisure equipped with Soundnet’s Milestones in Music package.

Much like in the video, this digital jukebox package champions the greatest hits of the past, including every single top 40 song since records began. As a special search feature, this model also gives customers the chance to check out the full chart of songs that were popular for a specific date, allowing them to re-live the best musical moments of years gone by.

But, the Milestones in Music package isn’t just home to the pop hits of yesteryear and this digital jukebox is updates twice a week, adding over 200 new song selection choices per month. This combination of old and new means there’s a song choice for every pub-goer, whether they want to play Cheryl’s latest hit or recreate the feel of the video by selecting a few tracks from the 60s.

To discover more about the Milestones in Music package’s unique blend of modern and retro features, contact one of the Soundnet team.

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