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Tastemakers: background music to set the right mood for the restaurant industry

Where once diners could expect to hear the soothing sounds of classical concertos, today’s restaurant experience is too often drowned out by overly-loud background music chosen more for the staff than the customers.

In a recent Esquire Magazine blog, food journalist John Mariani recounts how restaurant music trends have changed over the years; and not always for the right reasons. Until the mid-eighties, reports Mariani, the majority of restaurants stayed away from intrusive pop and rock songs, favouring classical background music instead to create an air of sophistication. With time though, a number of musical tracks from popular movie film scores began to trickle their way into the local restaurant, followed by upbeat Latin rhythms, singer-songwriter ballads and smooth soul anthems.

Finally, at the turn of the Millennium, rebellious chefs like New York’s Mario Batali started re-claiming the speakers as their own, playing out new, edgier genres, often at uncomfortably loud volumes. While this may have aroused initial interest from a niche crowd of alternative music loving consumers intrigued by the idea of a restaurant experience with a difference, Mariani suspects the tides are about to change.

With so much competition in the restaurant industry these days, background music plays a vital role in shaping the ambiance within a restaurant and how consumers perceive the venue. The wrong volume, the wrong genre or even the wrong mix of artists can put consumers off from ever making a return trip, so putting musical choice in the hands of the staff can be a risky choice.

Instead, specialist background music providers like Soundnet can advise venue owners on the most effective tracks for their specific audience, creating unique playlists tailored to each restaurant’s particular needs. From just 82 pence per day, with no additional set-up costs, this fully managed and legally compliant background music service offers an extensive track library featuring top name artists, plus new tracks added every month. There’s even the option to set specific playlists to automatically play at a certain time of day, with tracks continuously shuffled to keep the music selection fresh.

To discover more about how background music services can help you create the right atmosphere within your restaurant, contact Soundnet.

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