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Taylor Swift shuns Spotify, but not the Jukebox

Recent MTV European Music Award winning artist Taylor Swift has announced she won’t be sharing her latest album on Spotify, though thankfully it will still appear on Soundnet’s Jukeboxes.

Spotify is not the only streaming service to be hit by Swift’s decision to withhold her new material. As reported by Garett Kamps, senior director of Content Programming for rival streaming service, Rhapsody;

“Taylor Swift and her management made a decision not to make her new album available to Rhapsody’s million-plus subscribers.”

Swift is the latest in a series of big name artists to have decided not to allow online streaming sites to offer her tracks, following in the footsteps of Adele and Coldplay. These superstars have argued that releasing their new material on Spotify threatens sales revenues.

Music fans will be disappointed to learn that the delay before Swift’s most recent recording makes it onto streaming sites like Spotify, Deezer and Rhapsody could last several months at least. Worse still, Adele’s fans were forced to hold out 18 months before they could listen to her last album on Spotify.

Luckily, this may present pub landlords with an opportunity to tempt music lovers out of their houses, as Soundnet’s digital jukebox packagescan legally offer all the latest releases without a delay, including Swift’s new album.

In fact, some select tracks are even available before they’ve been officially released. Thanks to this option, customers in pubs already featuring a Soundnet jukebox were able to hear Swift’s last two singles ‘We are never ever getting back together’ and ‘I knew you were trouble’ before they hit the charts.

Clearly, this provides a much sought-after form of entertainment for music fans and creates an enjoyable atmosphere for pub-goers. More importantly, however, it also constitutes a way for pubs to boost their profits, as digital jukeboxes offer a highly cost-effective way to comply with music licensing laws and a lucrative second income stream.

To discover more about tapping into a new market of music fans, read up on the various jukebox music packages available through Soundnet.

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