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The sound of success: the importance of matching background music to customers

As numerous studies point to background music’s ability to affect not just ambiance, but also sales figures, Soundnet explains why hospitality and retail businesses must find the right music fit for their audience.

Though for many brands, music may seem like more of an afterthought than a core aspect of their business offering, research proves it can actually have a marked effect on consumer spending habits. For businesses ranging from retail stores to restaurants and bars, studies have found signs to suggest music can boost both the amount customers purchase and the time they spend within the venue.

Despite this positive result, not all music was found to have the same effect on consumers. In fact, research suggests the audience in question matters a great deal when selecting the volume, tempo and style of music. For example, a 2003 psychological study by Wilson discovered upbeat music encouraged diners to stay longer at a restaurant and increased the amount spent, but overly loud music is also one of the most frequent complaints from restaurant patrons. In the case of retail, particularly for firms targeting individuals within a certain age range or consumer group, music can even help shape a customer’s view of the brand before they enter the store.

Understanding that the same choice of background music can have incredibly diverse effects on different consumers, Soundnet are committed to profiling each business’ customers to find the music to match. From curating bespoke playlists to suit the musical tastes of a venue’s regulars, to altering the volume and musical style at different points of the day or week to cater to separate crowds, Soundnet provide a fully managed background music service compliant with all legal requirements.

Not only does this save venue owners valuable set-up time and costs, but Soundnet’s team of background music experts will also continue to update the system with new tracks each month, to keep the selection fresh.

Visit the Soundnet website for more information on the importance of background music for each business sector, from pubs to hotels.

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