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The sweet sound of success: survey reveals how hospitality businesses rely on music

Almost one in every three business owners in the hospitality sector admit they would rather lose an entire day’s worth of trade than turn off the music in their establishment, according to a recent survey.

The research, compiled collaboratively by the PPL and PRS, two major music licensing bodies in the UK, finds a vast number of British hospitality businesses cite background music as a key element of their service offering.

In fact, 77 per cent view music as a way to alleviate awkward silences, leading 84 per cent to suggest music improves the overall ambiance of their venue. As a background music specialist, Soundnet can certainly testify to this positive effect, having heard similar sentiments from many of our customers.

Soundnet’s background music solutions aim to foster a sense of community within a venue, providing a source of entertainment for customers through a number of innovative special features.

Of these numerous extra services, Soundnet’s commitment to tailoring each jukebox to the needs of the particular venue and their unique customer base is undoubtedly one of the most valued. Landlords are given the option add as many specially requested tracks to their jukebox library as they wish, including unreleased tracks and local artists, under Soundnet’s expert guidance.

As 47 per cent of hospitality business owners reportedly feel the music they play reflects the character of the brand, this gives landlords the opportunity to really connect with local pub-goers.

Beyond drawing in the crowds, though, 81 per cent of industry managers vouch for music’s ability to boost staff morale. Through this positive effect on employee spirit, jukeboxes may lead to friendlier customer service and increased efficiency, in addition to captivating customers.

As a result, many pub and bar owners not only find that a Soundnet background music system improves the atmosphere in their venue, but also sets the cash registers ringing.

Contact the Soundnet team to learn more about how to harness the positive power of music in your venue through a fully managed jukebox music system.

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