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The VenueHub Jukebox creates a buzz at the EAG International exhibition

Soundnet were excited to witness a highly positive response to Sound Leisure’s latest VenueHub background music system, unveiled at the EAG International exhibition last week.

Crowds at the leading amusement and leisure trade show were impressed with the VenueHub’s range of innovative features, particularly the entertaining ‘Dance Me’ app.

Eager to put the jukebox at the heart of a pub’s entertainment to create a more personal, community feel within a venue, Sound Leisure developed the ‘Dance Me’ feature to allow pub-goers to make their mark on a pub’s ambiance.

Through equipping the latest Sound Leisure jukebox models with a built-in camera, ‘Dance Me’ invites pub-goers to take their own photo, which can then be superimposed onto a choice of several different animated characters performing a comical dance. VenueHub users at the EAG exposition were amused to see that when their selected track began to play, this personalised music video automatically appeared on the VenueHub’s screen.

Not only can pub-goers enjoy this experience with friends while at the pub though, they can also share the fun with those who couldn’t make it, as the digital jukebox model allows customers to publish their dancing videos to various social media networks.

Beyond this engaging feature, the new VenueHub model also provides users with a greater selection of songs than ever before through Soundnet’s ‘Unlimited Online’ service, now at the incredibly reasonable reduced price of just £10 per month. This option gives customers access to an ever-growing library of over 7 million tracks, available for download through the jukebox model’s online connection for no extra fee.

Landlords have been quick to praise the effect this feature has on the popularity of the jukebox, enabling them to cater to the music tastes of every different group of customers, however diverse.

Following such enthusiastic feedback at the EAG show, we look forward to bringing the VenueHub’s inspiring collection of inventive new features to pubs across the country in 2013.

Contact the Soundnet team if you’re interested in becoming one of the first UK pubs to benefit from this exclusive new background music system.

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