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Thing that go bump (and grind) in the night

With Halloween fast approaching we thought this was a good opportunity to share a scary story about a landlady in Addlestone who was subject to a witch-hunt due to her frightening clientele.

Jenny Evans took over a pub called the Holly Tree in the town two years ago – which had a fearsome reputation for violence and anti-social behaviour. She has worked hard to eradicate all drug-taking and fighting, so she was shocked when Runnymede Borough Council restricted her licensing hours as a result of a recent review.

The only reason – so she claims – for these restrictions, is because her customers are frightening the locals. She told local press this week: “I think it is because I have introduced a type or genre to this town and they are scared of it. I think they see a bunch of punks outside and get scared. They might look scary but they are actually such lovely people, they all work and are polite and friendly.”

Mrs Evans who is a mother of four and a successful career landlady, has been running her “Cave Music Nights” for almost a year, which feature heavy metal, rock and punk music. These evenings have been very popular and have attracted an interesting new crowd to her pub. “We have got a completely different clientele now and there is no fighting, no dramas. I think it is building up to a proper community pub now,” she says.

Over 130 of the ‘scary’ punks and rockers have signed a petition against the restrictions and around 30 letters from these irate customers have been sent to the council – who will hopefully learn a valuable lesson – not to judge people by their appearances.

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We wish Jenny Evans and her eclectic clientele the best of luck in fighting the most frightening spectre of all – a County Council and its dreaded red tape…

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