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TouchTunes European MD Alan Newham: Innovation and market knowledge are keys to rejuvenation

TouchTunes believe that the introduction and deployment of the Playdium smart jukebox by Sound Leisure will kick start the process of rejuvenating the UK market.

TouchTunes European managing director, Alan Newham, is confident that the new TouchTunes jukebox is exactly what the UK market ordered:

“Touch- Tunes commitment to product innovation and features that are developed specifically to increase operator and retailer revenues, coupled with Sound Leisure’s unique knowledge of the UK market, creates the ideal combination to achieve our ultimate goal of rejuvenating the UK jukebox market.”

Bacta chief executive, John White, has welcomed the new investment that’s being made in the UK jukebox sector and acknowledged the contribution of Sound Leisure’s longstanding Bacta member, Chris Black. “BACTA members operate in a highly competitive environment where the battle for discretionary leisure spend is intense,” he said. “That’s why it is so important that the sector continues to invest in R&D in order to engage with what is a technology savvy population.”

He added:

“At ACOS, Chris Black and his team explained the importance of applying fresh thinking and new technology to the pay to play music sector and Sound Leisure is shining a powerful light on how the jukebox sector can rise to the challenge of expanding the user base. Bacta is working hard to represent all parts of the amusements industry and I look forward in 2017 to addressing the issues facing the jukebox sector.”

TouchTunes gets its music tracks from the same digital distributors that supply Spotify, iTunes Apple Music and the other digital music services, a factor which differentiates Playdium from any other music offering. Customers are able to select a track on the Playdium as soon as the record label has released it. The number of songs and the speed at which they are available on the Playdium is unprecedented and, as a result, can have a real impact on the cash box. Chris Black, managing director at Sound Leisure, believes the Playdium business model is a ‘win/win’ opportunity for all parties.

He explained:

“In practical terms, the 15 percent business model enables operators to place their Playdium jukeboxes in any site at any time of the year, making the Playdium the box for every venue.” He continued: “Innovation and ongoing enhancements are key to keeping consumers engaged with the jukebox given other online music services continue to develop and change expectations. The Touch- Tunes model creates the incentive to keep the jukebox experience up to date.”

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