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TouchTunes/Soundnet Set the Jukebox Stage for 2023 at EAG

The TouchTunes/Soundnet team sees EAG 2023 as an opportunity to sell new jukeboxes and maximise revenues for existing operators of the company’s market-leading Angelina.

“We have the best product with the Angelina jukebox.  It is incredibly stable and is taking some record-breaking income.  Our TouchTunes app will be getting a major upgrade in May.  The new app and associated marketing will be a major push and investment for us.  Customers should come to the show to meet us and learn more about new deals we have for Angelina and about the app and contactless payment options for their jukes,” says Sue Cooke, Managing Director at TouchTunes/Soundnet.

From a newly designed stand (#70) TouchTunes/Soundnet will also reveal its new cashless juke which will be available in May.  The new cashless juke has contactless card payment and TouchTunes app payment only.  It will also have enhanced background music facilities.  At this stage it is a work in progress but it is also quite possibly the future of pay-play music.

“I see this show as a significant point for TouchTunes/Soundnet as we follow on from the announcement of our landmark deal with Essex Leisure,” adds Toby Hoyte, Commercial Director. “I expect to see more of what we saw in 2022: operators having to invest in the latest digital gaming cabinets. In response to this, TouchTunes offers multiple deals and offers for customers needing to upgrade their jukeboxes to match their investment in gaming.  We have the best product, and can tailor deals to suit everyone.”

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