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Tradition meets technology; today’s pub owners strive to create the right balance

The Good Pub Guide 2014 came under strong criticism last week, as pub landlords reacted to the Guide’s controversial suggestion that pubs may need to let go of their heritage in order to succeed.

Amidst predictions that between 2500 to 4000 British pubs may be forced to close within the next year alone, the Guide’s authors warned that the UK’s pub industry includes countless venues that are, “stuck in the 1980’s,” and implied these establishments deserve to close. Understandably, this caused a great deal of uproar within the pub community.

“The authors are so out of touch with real customers it’s beyond despair,” commented industry member Pete Robinson to the Publican Morning Advertiser. CAMRA Good Beer Guide editor Roger Protz also echoed this sentiment, stating that the Good Pub Guide ignores the demand for traditional drinking establishments.

As one of the UK’s leading digital jukebox providers, Soundnet have worked with countless different venues over the years, from classic community pubs to modern bars, and understand the difficulties landlords face in trying to appeal to new audiences without losing their regulars. The digital jukeboxes supplied by Soundnet are designed to enable venue owners to achieve this balance, offering a range of musical genres and special features to suit all needs.

Regulars looking for a nostalgic pub experience will love the fact the digital jukebox offers every top 40 hit since 1952, including the ability to search by date to display the entire chart from any given week from the last six decades.

At the same time, younger pub-goers will be impressed by the availability of brand new chart-topping hits, and exclusive pre-release material, uploaded automatically every week through the machine’s digital connection. There’s even the option for a customer to access their own Last.Fm playlists, creating an even more convenient way for users to locate their favourite tracks.

For more information on how a digital jukebox could offer the perfect musical solution for your customer base, whoever they may be, contact Soundnet.

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