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Uplifting anthems: music’s role in setting the mood

Two studies published recently report very different results on the effect certain styles of music can have on our emotions, demonstrating just how personal music taste can be.

In the first of the two studies, the University of Missouri found participants were more likely to be able to improve their own mood when listening to upbeat tracks than more sombre songs. By contrast, University of California researchers discovered more downbeat music could have a soothing effect for anyone feeling down, as participants preferred music that matched their current emotional state.

As Dr. Stephem Palmer, the psychologist behind the study, phrases it, “Like a sympathetic friend, music, movies, paintings, or novels that are compatible with our current mood and feelings are more appreciated.”

Clearly, it’s not possible to draw any universal conclusion from these conflicting results on which type of music generates the most positive reaction, but what is certain is that music can have a powerful effect on how people feel. In turn, any music within a venue can play a large part in shaping its ambiance and deciding whether or not customers enjoy the time they spend there.

As the two studies suggest though, the link between music and mood is fairly complicated and the same song can have very different effects on different people. Since music tastes vary immensely, knowing what style of music will appeal to the customers visiting on any given occasion can be a difficult task, and getting it wrong could put some people off even entering the venue.

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